Pam Holcomb


  • Mailing Address:
  • 83 Holcomb Rd.
  • Putney, KY 40865
  • Phone:
  • 606-573-4376
  • Alternate Phone:
  • 606-273-1494
  • E-mail:

A Little Background

  • Stories inform us about other cultures, times and peoples as well as about our own culture, time and selves. Storytelling inspires the imagination, heals the soul and challenges our beliefs.
  • It is a know fact that everyone is a storyteller, vocally repeating adventures as soon as speech is learned.
  • Appealing to the youngest as well as the oldest member of the audience, Storyteller Pam has entertained audiences of all ages for more than 25 years with her tales of folklore, humor, adventure, suspense and drama.


  • School - Professional Development - Three and Six hour educational professional development classes pertaining to various aspects of storytelling. Classroom - Students will develop sensitivity to various worldviews and find new role models, have school subjects enriched through stories, etc.
  • Church - Biblical reference stories pertaining to various age groups.
  • Civic Organizations - Programs may be easily designed to accomodate any age group or organization.


  • Showcase Artist for the KY Center for the Arts
  • Kentucky Arts Council Education Roster Artist
  • A Kentucky Arts Council Performing Arts Directory Artist
  • Listed on the Kentucky State Parks Performing Artist Directory
  • Member of the Kentucky Association of Storytellers and National Storytelling Network
  • Recording Artist of 2 Storytelling cds, entitled This Side of Kingdom Come and Kingdom Come and Back Again.
  • Taught high school for 29+ years

What Others are Saying

  • "Storyteller Pam Holcomb was the comic relief of the night as she spun several mountain tales to the audience."
    -Jennifer McDaniels, Harlan Daily Enterprise
  • "You did a fine job. Thanks for the delight. I noticed the audience was with you all the way too. I hope you could feel their energy because it was indeed obivious."
    -Mary Hamilton, Award Winning National Storyteller
  • “Promise me you’ll never stop telling stories!  Promise me, because girl, you’ve got talent!”
    -Diane Ferlatte - Award Winning International Storyteller